Bennington State Bank Donates $25,000 to Russell County Disaster Relief Fund

The Bennington State Bank has donated $25,000 to the Russell County Disaster Relief Fund at the Russell County Area Community Foundation. The fund will be able to grant immediate money to nonprofit organizations offering relief services in impacted areas following a major emergency weather event, or other disaster, like the windstorm and wildfires our region experienced in December.

“We are grateful to Bennington State Bank for their generosity and kindness toward those affected by the windstorm and wildfires. The Russell County Disaster Relief Fund is available to make grants to firehouses, local government, relief organizations and other charitable entities assisting area neighbors affected by the disaster. The fund is a permanent safety net to Russell County to aid in the aftermath of an emergency, as well as disaster preparedness and recovery efforts,” said Angela Muller, Executive Director, RCACF.

“Our hearts go out to the families and Kansas farmers who suffered extreme damage and loss caused by the windstorm and fires. As an Ag Bank, we live, work and serve in the communities impacted by this disaster and we want to do our part to help.” said Darren Gragg, President and CEO of Bennington State Bank. Nonprofit organizations, schools, churches and other agencies providing direct relief to help people, property or livestock impacted in Russell County may be eligible for grant money. Charitable organizations may apply by contacting Angela Muller, Executive Director, at 785-445-3611 or [email protected]. Application deadline is January 21, 2022.